As leaders in the water resources industry, TRWE is known for expertise in surface water disciplines and for innovative ways of integrating these disciplines. TRWE offers services in watershed, floodplain and stormwater management, river restoration, flood facilities design, and sedimentation and erosion. Averaging 25 years of experience, TRWE’s Professional Engineers have analyzed and/or designed many hydraulic structures, including flood channels, stormwater quality facilities, and detention, retention, and debris basins. The team has also completed regional drainage master plans, hydrologic model calibrations, and numerous hydromodification studies.

TRWE has specialized experience in innovative flood control designs, high-quality habitat restoration planning, successful permitting strategies, and thorough administration of construction implementation. Team members have significant experience addressing CEQA issues related to surface water, and preparing the necessary technical reports. Numerous projects have included conceptual plans that specify grading, drainage, and erosion control methods. Many of those projects have extended into the construction phase with coordination for design, observation, monitoring, and inspection.

Combining flood control expertise with the study of rivers and creeks has helped create solutions and designs that blend with the natural beauty of the water bodies. TRWE is known for using natural materials whenever possible, to design flood control elements such as grade control and weir structures. The TRWE team takes great pride in understanding the complexities of watersheds and the drainage systems within each watershed, and continually stays abreast of ever-changing rules and regulations. The extensive use of industry-recognized, state-of-the art software for hydrologic and hydraulic modeling translates into reliable results for clients.

Company Mission Statement

We Build Trust through Reliable Solutions in Water Resources.

Core Values

INTEGRITY – Established standards of moral principles and noble character are at our core. Committed to honesty, we consistently seek to build trust. We are accountable for our actions and will not compromise our values for the sake of business, convenience, or profit.

TEAMWORK – Actively identify effective ways to utilize the individual strengths of our team members. Incorporating different perspectives, open communication, and shared responsibility to promote a unified effort both internally and externally.

QUALITY – Confidence that our high level of service will provide reliable solutions resulting in client satisfaction. Thorough evaluation of data and attention to detail ensure accuracy and conformance to all regulatory requirements.

EXPERTISE – Specialized technical knowledge, acquired through experience, allows us to deliver reliable solutions to clients. Applying education, technology, and resources, we are considered expert problem solvers in surface water management.

INNOVATION – Project approaches and solutions that improve efficiency and enable us to propose alternatives when encountering complex challenges. Remaining focused on opportunities, rather than constraints, helps us better serve our clients.