Total Maximum Daily Loads

Do you have Notice of Intent (NOI) coverage? If so, did you know that later this year you will be required to take extra measures to ensure you are compliant with local Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)? To help you find out which TMDL may apply to your business, we have created the interactive map below.

TMDLs are quantitative assessments of water quality problems, their contributing sources, and corresponding control actions needed to restore and protect bodies of water. For example, a TMDL was adopted in 2010 for the many San Diego beaches and creeks impaired by bacteria. The bacteria TMDL identified several sources, including our storm drain systems, agricultural lands, and wildlife habitats. The IGP is soon requiring NOI facilities located within TMDL areas to corroborate with the contaminant load reduction efforts, which may require you to revise your SWPPP and conduct additional monitoring and sampling. Visit the San Diego Water Board IGP TMDL page for more information.