With a team of registered professional engineers who are experts in water resources planning and engineering, TRWE’s focus is to help you prepare for what happens when it rains. Our team has an intimate understanding of the water policies and rules in southern California, and continually stays abreast of current and pending regulations. Based on this understanding, we have a very successful record of preparing studies, plans and designs that work in favor of our clients while still meeting regulatory requirements.

Tory R. Walker, PE, CFM, LEED GA, QISP
Mr. Walker is a registered Professional Engineer, a Certified Floodplain Manager, and a widely recognized stormwater quality expert, with over 30 years’ experience in water resources planning and engineering. He has provided his services to a broad range of public and private industry clients in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona. Mr. Walker has conducted and overseen hundreds of hydrologic studies, including the preparation of regional drainage master plans and hydrologic model calibrations. He has analyzed and designed numerous flood and stormwater facilities and structures, including in-stream stabilization structures, embankments, channels, culverts, and basins.


Leland Womack, PE, MS
Senior Project Manager
Mr. Womack is a registered Professional Engineer with over 35 years of experience in design, analysis and project management. Specializing in drainage design, he has developed plans for a wide variety of drainage systems, including four master plans of drainage for cities in San Diego County. He has prepared conceptual, preliminary and final designs, utilizing various hydrologic and hydraulic calculations, best management practices, and state-of-the-art software modeling tools. His understanding of the industry has allowed him to provide successful permitting strategies and ensure adherence to strict regulations. He provides a valuable role assisting the TRWE team in QA/QC and in overseeing various projects, including preparation and/or review of WQMPs.


John Duewel, PE
Project Manager
Mr. Duewel is a registered Professional Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in hydrology and drainage design.  Most of his extensive experience has been applied to land development and water resources engineering. He has designed or overseen the design of most aspects of commercial and industrial development, public road projects, and residential projects. In that capacity, he has prepared many preliminary and final designs, along with the various accompanying hydrologic and hydraulic calculations and WQMP reports. He has also coordinated with many public agencies, developers, and contractors, thus gaining much experience in processing project plans to approval and construction.


Edward (Ted) Drury, MS, EIT
Associate Engineer
Mr. Drury is an Associate Engineer with more than 5 years of professional experience in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling.  He has developed numerous integrated hydrologic and hydraulic stormwater models using XPSTORM, HEC-HMS, and SWMM modeling software, including large watershed models for master plans of drainage.  In addition, he has extensive experience in preparing hydromodification management plans and designing multi-function stormwater BMPs that satisfy hydromodification, flood control, and water quality criteria.  He has worked on a variety of projects preparing drainage and stormwater quality reports, as well as floodplain modeling with HEC-RAS.


Levi Ryan, EIT
Associate Engineer
Mr. Ryan worked with us previously from 2009-2011, and we are happy to have him back on the team in 2015 as an Associate Engineer. He has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, and has completed coursework in water resources, environmental, geotechnical, and structural applications. With over 7 years of experience, he has expertise in drainage design and water quality analysis throughout San Diego County. He has developed and implemented solutions to ensure compliance with current and future permit requirements. He has also completed numerous hydrologic and hydraulic studies, specifically involving waterway and floodplain management through HEC-RAS.


Robin Brush
GIS Specialist
Mrs. Brush specializes in Geographic Information Systems, providing assistance with hydraulic stormwater modeling, hydromodification, stormwater quality, and drainage reports.  Her expertise covers all phases of GIS projects, from developing and updating geodatabases, to providing map exhibits utilizing ArcGIS and AutoCAD. She has completed a broad variety of coursework, including Technical Drafting with AutoCAD, Intermediate GIS Analysis, Cartography and Computer Mapping. Mrs. Brush also has over 10 years’ experience writing software in C, C++, Java, JavaScipt, XHML, CSS, and Python.


Alex Smith, MS, EIT, QISP
Water Resource Control Engineer
Mr. Smith recently completed his tenure with the Regional Water Quality Control Board, joining TRWE with a wealth of stormwater regulatory experience, including knowledge specific to the new California Industrial General Stormwater Permit (IGP). His role of Student Assistant Engineer with the San Diego Water Board Stormwater Unit allowed him to become very familiar with the detailed regulations associated with the new IGP and other stormwater permitting compliance issues. In addition to his regulatory experience, Alex has received extensive training from some of California’s most renowned consultants on matters related to industrial, construction, and municipal stormwater.


Samuel Henriquez, EIT
Junior Engineer
Mr. Henriquez is a Junior Engineer with 3 years of experience in structural, drainage, water quality, and hydromodification analysis and design for residential, commercial and municipal projects. He is very knowledgeable in floodplain mapping, including encroachment analysis pertaining to floodway revisions for FEMA Letters of Map Change (LOMC) requests. He has furthered his expertise in hydrology, hydraulics, and water quality, while ensuring conformance to all regulatory requirements.