Engineering. This term often conjures up ideas of elaborately-designed processes and structures such as bridges, buildings, engines, machines, or even electronics. When you think of engineered solutions, you might think of man-made materials that give us a certain level of confidence in the reliability of the solutions we design. While these types of solutions are useful and even critical for societal accommodation and advancement, when it comes to the natural world, synthetic solutions often fail to blend with nature’s inherent processes, causing interference with wildlife habitats and destroying the natural beauty of the landscape.

The Lenox Drive Vector Habitat Remediation Project, located north of the Lenox Drive Bridge presented several of these design challenges. However, with the united effort of multiple stakeholders, the newly rehabilitated reach of Chollas Creek is a showcase example of how natural engineering methods can be implemented to restore a portion of an urban creek, providing benefits such as improved water quality, stormwater retention, mosquito abatement, sensitive habitat enhancement, and environmental clean-up. Read More >


The pipeline has been hooked up and the water is finally flowing! The people of the Kiserien village are very happy. We would like to extend a mighty big “THANK YOU!” to everyone who donated to this project. What a joy it is to see fulfillment of this life-giving endeavor! Watch a video of the project here.




TRWE is thrilled to be partnering once more with Groundwork San Diego on Chollas Creek. Having prepared a creek rehabilitation design for a portion of Chollas Creek, we are now poised to see this natural creek design through to completion!

Groundwork San Diego was recently awarded a competitive grant by the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health (DEH) under the Vector Habitat Remediation Program (VHRP) to construct the Lenox Drive Vector Habitat Remediation Project. The VHRP Grant will fund Phase II construction of the Lenox Drive project to remedy mosquito breeding pools in Chollas Creek. Stagnant water has formed as a result of deteriorated grade control structures immediately north of the Lenox Drive Bridge (see photo).

Due to the proximity of human activities (residential and recreational/hiking), mosquitos are a problem in this area; the County of San Diego Department Environmental Health (DEH) has identified this site as a high priority treatment area (Site 1702). The site is immediately adjacent to a residential community and is a known mosquito breeding habitat. In addition to the residences, hikers would also be affected by mosquito breeding habitat in this section of Chollas Creek. This important project is a component of Groundwork San Diego’s overall watershed and water quality improvement program.

Stay tuned! One piece at a time, we will see Chollas Creek provide the multiple benefits it can provide!


Thanks to many generous donors, Wild Hope is well on their way to bringing clean water to approximately 2,000 people in the Kiserien Village of Tanzania. A 3-inch pipeline has been laid down the slopes of Mt. Meru and out onto the dusty plains where the Kiserien Village lies, and new water tanks have been built. After the pipe was donated, the government donated approximately $12,000 to refurbish the intake at the stream to accommodate the increased off-take, due to the 3-inch pipe that was put in. As soon as this phase is complete, the government will connect and turn on the tap! Check out this video showing the progress of the pipeline.


The TRWE staff recently took a field trip to one of our new project sites – an aquaponics farm! Aquaponics utilizes nutrient-rich fish waste and highly oxygenated water to nourish plant roots, avoiding the inherent complications of traditional soil.

No, we aren’t re-designing the fish’s hydrologic environment (the fish are thanking us), but we are helping the folks over at Solutions Farms manage their stormwater flows so they can focus on the invaluable work they do in the local community.

We have a great relationship with Solutions for Change Solutions Farms and we greatly admire their tireless efforts of teaching important work values and preparing people for re-entry into the workforce. As they say on their website, “Solutions Farms raises hope, as well as produce.” We couldn’t agree more.


We are at it again!  Another Green Street, another opportunity to literally clean up an important urban core and bring life back into an historic district.  What is even more rewarding about this is that we were also able to get this area out of the floodplain, without which none of this downtown revitalization would have been possible!

Grant to Continue Downtown Paseo Santa Fe Streetscape


We are thankful for many things, including… safe, reliable WATER!

In 2013, TRWE introduced our support of Wild Hope International, as they embarked on a pipeline project that would bring safe, reliable water to the families of Kiserien Village in Tanzania.

In 2014, we provided an update that the progress was not going as planned. The project was on hold due to some challenges with the government and newly established Water Board. Wild Hope has faced many more challenges since, but finally (3 years later!), the pipeline is underway. The community has been busy digging ditches and preparing for the pipe to be laid.


With the help of your generous donations in the past, along with limited funding efforts from the village, they now have 2/3 of the pipe in the ground! They are still short 1.3 kms to reach the village.

Will you help us fund the remaining 1.3 kms of pipe? It is estimated to cost $13,237 to complete this project. Would you consider a $22 tax-deductible donation to provide one family the safe, reliable water we too often take for granted? What a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of 3,000 people! A special thank you to those who contributed in the past.


100% of your tax deductible donation will go to this project.  We will follow up with a report when the pipeline is complete.


2016-11-09-welcome-cassie-photoTRWE is pleased to introduce the newest member of our team: Cassie Sparks. Cassie will be filling the role of Executive Assistant. After spending some time in the Pacific Northwest, Cassie and her family recently relocated back to her hometown in North County San Diego. She has settled back into the southern California lifestyle of flip flops and good Mexican food, although, she does miss seeing rain in the forecast and can be found outside on a stormy day.

Cassie brings 11 years of experience maximizing efficiency and aiding business development. In addition to some adventures in self-employment, she previously held a similar position of Executive Assistant for a wastewater engineering firm (she speaks our language!). She graduated from University of Phoenix in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, specializing in Human Resources Management.

Cassie has a wealth of strengths that are ideal to keep our front office moving efficiently, with administrative support, process improvements, training and development and office management skills. With Cassie’s servant’s heart, cheerful smile, and “ready to help” attitude, our engineers can continue doing what they do best. Most importantly, Cassie shares our vision to exemplify servant leadership while we build trust. Together, our team strives to continue bringing reliable solutions in water resources.