Watershed Management

Building upon a solid technical foundation in watershed modeling, TRWE offers comprehensive solutions that reflect an in-depth understanding of watershed management. From single lots to watersheds larger than 100 square miles, TRWE has studied and modeled…(Read more)

Floodplain Management

Extensive experience in floodplain management has earned TRWE a reputation as a valuable resource in providing solutions to a vast array of floodplain related issues. The team has addressed everything from localized matters to complex, multi-faceted projects. Regardless of…(Read more)

Stormwater Management

TRWE President Tory Walker began consulting in the area of stormwater management before many people were aware that stormwater was being regulated. For over 20 years, Mr. Walker has assisted clients with extremely challenging stormwater quality issues. The TRWE…(Read more)


River Restoration

Highly functional riverine systems are vital components of the watershed and offer water quality benefits in addition to ecosystem support. TRWE specializes in river restoration, bringing expertise in hydrologic sciences, hydraulic analysis and…(Read more)

Flood Facilities Design

Reliable flood risk management demands both a comprehensive understanding of hydrology and hydraulics as well as years of experience actually applying those principles to the analysis and design of many types of drainage structures. Our professional engineers average 25…(Read more)

Sedimentation and Erosion

Sedimentation and erosion are natural processes, but these processes are often accelerated or altered by human-induced activities. The TRWE team has successfully solved some of the most challenging erosion and sedimentation issues. Because of our experience with…(Read more)