Highly functional riverine systems are vital components of the watershed and offer water quality benefits in addition to ecosystem support. TRWE specializes in river restoration, bringing expertise in hydrologic sciences, hydraulic analysis and design, sedimentation and erosion, fluvial geomorphologic principles, and riparian habitats. Using a natural approach with these technical skills has resulted in successful restoration of degraded riparian environments.

TRWE is known for the preference of using designs that blend with the aesthetics of the riparian corridor and water bodies. This natural restoration approach typically includes native planting and the removal of invasive plant species within the wetland. Natural rock is used for construction of flood control elements such as grade control and weir structures. TRWE’s application of hydraulics, including tractive force, general scour and local scour is key to designing such “natural” systems.

Often, river restoration projects will include constructed wetlands, revegetation, creek bottom and bank stabilization, and channel grading and revetment. All designs are engineered for long-term erosion and degradation prevention. TRWE provides a unique blend of services and experience, and considers river restoration a crucial area of expertise in the water resources field.

River Restoration Subservices

  • Natural Channel Design
  • Creek Enhancement
  • Stream Bed & Bank Stabilization
  • Scour Analysis
  • Fluvial Geomorphologic Design