Sedimentation and erosion are natural processes, but these processes are often accelerated or altered by human-induced activities. The TRWE team has successfully solved some of the most challenging erosion and sedimentation issues. Because of our experience with many gravel mining sites, which are historically located within riverine environments, TRWE has acquired expertise in the area of fluvial geomorphic principles and is able to help clients obtain the necessary regulatory permits. Through seminars, we have shared these geomorphic principles with many others who now utilize these concepts on their projects.

A consequence of living within an urban environment is dealing with the environmental impacts that have resulted from the existing development. Many waterways in Southern California have experienced various degrees of degradation due to hydromodification. Hydromodification is the erosion of waterways and subsequent sediment deposition downstream, usually due to modifications in the watershed. Common factors affecting stream degradation include the percentage and locations of impervious areas within the watershed, the soils and geology of the watershed, the geology and sediment sizes within the waterway, the slope of the waterway, and the time passed since development.

The varying impacts of hydromodification give ample proof of the complexity of these processes. Choosing to work with TRWE offers the most knowledgeable team with the hydrology and hydraulics expertise to provide innovative yet reliable solutions to sedimentation and erosion issues.

Sedimentation and Erosion Subservices

  • Channel, Bridge, & Scour Analysis
  • Sediment Yield Analysis
  • Debris Basin Design
  • Erosion Control Plans
  • Sediment Transport
  • Pipeline Protection