Building upon a solid technical foundation in watershed modeling, TRWE offers comprehensive solutions that reflect an in-depth understanding of watershed management. From single lots to watersheds larger than 100 square miles, TRWE has studied and modeled these complex networks and systems with a wide variety of effective methods and applications.

This approach is seen in TRWE’s successful drainage master planning, and the recently completed Oceanside Master Plan of Drainage stands as an excellent example. Integrated solutions to competing interests and demands on our water resources are becoming increasingly necessary for regulatory compliance and grant funding. Any new Master Plan of Drainage (MPD) should therefore integrate multi-benefit goals rather than focusing only on local drainage infrastructure and an appropriate fee structure. The minimum traditional requirements will remain at the core of an MPD update, but the modeling of drainage infrastructure should be done with forethought on the approach and tools to also allow for stormwater quality purposes. The experts at TRWE can assist with developing a programmatic, dynamic MPD that is cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Watershed Subservices

  • Regional Watershed Master Planning
  • Storm Drain Analysis & Design
  • Hydraulic Modeling & Investigations
  • Watershed Planning & Modeling
  • Hydrologic Studies & Investigations
  • Hydrologic Model Calibration
  • Drainage Design Criteria Development
  • Estimation of Avg. Annual Yield
  • Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) Determination